Monthly Archives: February 2015

Wild Foods, and a Mushroom and Herb soup

Herbs are really intrinsic to Isaan cooking (Northeast Thailand/Laos border). Its not only for health benefits that they are added, but they taste great, and as indigenous species, they grow freely. This way of cooking has its roots in more traditional ways of life, where not so long ago, people relied on the forest as […]

Jackfruit – more than just fruit!

Making the most of the huge food abundance in southeast Asia, people come up with ingenious ways to diversify the ways of eating prolific crops. Papaya is a good example of this. It grows from seed and fruits in less than one year, but there is only so much ripe papaya that you would want […]

Sato – Thai Rice Wine

In Thailand, traditional rice wine is called Sato. Its very simple to make, has a relatively high alcohol content, and tastes great – what more could you want? The only difficulty in the process is obtaining the yeast balls to make it. These exist as two kinds – one for making Khao Mak (a fermented […]